Antique Lover’s Residence

Washington, DC

Situated in an upscale neighborhood of Northwest Washington DC, this 1970's home was built on a large lot, but with a developer's budget. Over the years, the owners made substantial improvements to their home, while respecting the underlying quality of their space. They skillfully adorned their house with an impressive collection of antiques and art pieces that gave our project a solid character and design directive. Our purpose focused on capturing the rich and worldly experiences of clients.
Each room is a character in a story, each one has a distinctive feel, inspired directly from the antiques in the collection. Styling directly from this assortment of artifacts helps showcase the collection and forge the character of each space. This strategy results in rooms that seem to talk to each other, taking the art from scattered pieces to a cohesive collection.
Using rich materials, textures and architectural lighting, we helped each space feel special. We coffered the ceilings with custom plaster moldings and trim and paneled and trimmed out the walls, finishing everything with vibrant colors and decorative golden accents. Some of the bedrooms feature whimsical themes, with individual and unique wall, bed & window finishes. Other rooms were simply and elegantly worked with rich textures, dark woods, and dramatic colors. In the crafting of these luxurious interiors, we used the finest fabrics, custom rugs, wall coverings, window treatments & lighting. We took great care in balancing tones, textures, and materials so that the spaces felt grounded, rather than ostentatious.

Photos by Neill Archer Roan & Olvia Demetriou.