Casa Tua Cucina

Miami, FL
Commercial, Hospitality, Restaurant, Retail

An 18,000 sf gourmet single-user food hall concept consisting of 9 different stations and 350 seats, Casa Tua Cucina was conceived to be an elegant, upscale Italian food, beverage and retail experience as an extension to the new Saks Fifth Avenue. Casa Tua Cucina complements the cultured, homey feel from Miky Grendene’s Casa Tua, the famed Miami Beach restaurant.

The kitchen unfolds even before the first step through the main entrance by looking through the adjacent window into the pasta making room. From the kitchen experience, the space expands to the wood-fired pizza ovens to the north, the open-flame masonry hearth to the west and the chocolate making room to the south. Beautiful Carrara marble countertops, enamel range suites and stainless steel hoods all serve to reinforce the notion that you’re in the next evolution of the classic Italian kitchen.