Little Pearl

Washington, D.C.
Hospitality, Restaurant

Located in a historic carriage house, Little Pearl operates as a quaint coffee shop during the day, before transitioning into a refined wine bar after dark. The third restaurant from James Beard Foundation Award-winning chef Aaron Silverman offers world class cuisine in a relaxed, yet refined atmosphere.

The design team preserved the exterior of the former stable for horse-drawn ambulances that Abraham Lincoln commissioned in the 1860’s, to enhance the sleek and modern finishes within. A large quartz and soap stone café counter doubles as a bar during the evening and offers a modern contrast to its rustic surroundings. Exposed brick, walnut and oak millwork, and bright brass accents run throughout the three dining rooms. From the cozy counter that becomes a private dining area at night, the bright stable-turned-main dining room, to the communal seating in the light filled Parisian sunroom, Little Pearl gives new life to a historic setting through cutting edge design.

Photography: Go Kate Shoot