Nando's Peri-Peri - Laurel

Laurel, MD

The challenge in the Laurel location was how to express the unique concept within the context of a suburban “town center” market. Nando’s pushed for a highly creative solution - a careful balance had to be found between using artisans, owner-supplied reclaimed materials, unique furniture, materials & lighting – all of which help to make the space one-of-a-kind, with the realities of working with a G.C. and a tight budget & schedule.

Our goals were to create a vibrant design that both delights and functions. The large space was carved into zones that each have a sense of place, but that also work as a whole. Natural materials, including reclaimed barnwood, stone, concrete, steel, and laminated plywood are used to create a sense of warmth and sensuality. Natural woven baskets hung above create a soft ambient lighting effect; Tall, round booths made of laminated plywood reinterpret African basket huts.