Nando’s Peri-Peri - Tenleytown

Washington, DC

Nandos Peri-Peri at Tenley Circle, Washington, DC, sits prominently with three exposed sides in an old mock-Tudor style building.
The design vision was inspired by the exuberant multiculturalism found in African art and culture. Working within the dilapidated old structure, we exposed the original construction of the building. Wood timbers, brick, and layer-upon-layer of paint come together to create a textured, tactile, and 3-dimensional space. Vibrant colors in the upholstery fabrics compliment the rich assortment of natural finishes, including stones, woods, and aged copper. Color is also introduced in a two-story art piece incorporating recycled bottles once used for Nando's famous sauces, which are nested within the old wood framing, dipped or filled with a colorful paint, and assembled in a collage-like way. The resulting effect captures the spirit of Nando's mission, speaks to the history of the building itself, and creates a vibrant and highly-energized casual experience.