On Rye

Washington, D.C.
Restaurant, Retail

On Rye’s objective is to honor the culinary tradition of the delicatessen and drive it forward with a modern, healthier twist. No schtich, no kitsch. The concept is a fresh, modern space with a clear concise menu.

The project’s objective was to create a nostalgic yet modern space for On Rye. We modernized traditional deli architectural elements such as the overbar that traces over the order, prep and pick up line. This allowed for the required ceiling height in the kitchen and a main element that helps customers move through the space and queue. Another element that we focused on was the bold and graphic use of the black and white tiles along the queue, as well as inset tile on the floor throughout the space. Overall, the use of classic deli concepts applied in a modern and playful way allowed the nostalgic yet hip space the brand wanted.

Photography Credit: GoKateShoot