Richmond, VA

Pupatella began their franchise program in 2015 and used the opportunity to create a prototype design for the brand. The design team began by working to reconcile two distinct design directions in the original location; traditional and mod. The prototype design was inspired by the mod-pop design elements like the art, the ceiling grid, the custom wall sconces as well as the elements that spoke to Pupatella's desire to feel like a restaurant deeply rooted in Neapolitan tradition. Ultimately the goal of the prototype design was to bring the warmth of the traditional elements in the existing space while refining and committing to the mod elements. We Incorporated accessible materials that could be utilized in a modular way for ease of replication. The first franchised location is in Richmond, VA. The base building had its own set of unique and historical design features. This gave us the chance to bring our prototype design to life and to further work towards the balance between the traditional and modern elements.