The Foxhall

Washington, DC
Hospitality, Residential

The Foxhall is a nine-story, 80-unit, luxury condominium that shares its designer pedigree with Washington's famous Watergate complex. The project called for a timeless, tasteful, and classy interior renovation, upgraded with state-of-the-art technical systems. Our design gestures had to achieve a timeless quality that will remain pertinent for the next 50 years. It was also important to be current, but not trendy. After conducting several studies, we developed strategies to expand the tiny lobby. We shifted mechanical units, removed small closet-like spaces, utilized mirrors in our vistas, and created alcoves as an intimate counter-statement to the expanding feel of the lobby. This intervention, along with the renovation of the pool area and corridors, would elevate the aesthetic quality of The Foxhall's amenities from their drab and claustrophobic initial condition.
Photos by Neill Archer Roan.